Prayer Request

prayer3The Prayer List is divided into two groups:
1.  Those in need of long term prayer:  these are dear  loved ones who are in care facilities or who are struggling with illness and or situations which may take some time to resolve.
2.  Those in need of shorter periods of prayer:  these dear people would include those in the hospital who will be in for a short term and when released, are expected to make a full recovery.

Who is invited to pray?
How do I get the names on the prayer list?
By contacting the church office.
How are names removed from the prayer list?
Whoever requests a name on the prayer list is expected to update the church office monthly as to whether the person(s) should remain on the list or be removed.   If there is no update and the person(s) have been on the list for 3 months, they will be removed.
How will the prayer requests be managed?
a)  By e-mail.  If you would like to be included in a weekly email regarding those in need of prayer please contact the office.
b)  For those who don’t have email; the bulletin board in the front hall, near Lila’s office, will have the names of those in need of long term prayer.
c)  Those folks in need of shorter periods of prayer will be mentioned in the bulletin.

If you hear of someone from Victory in need of pastoral care, please contact the office.
To send a prayer request, send an email to: